Acai Ice Cream (vegan) ☆ アサイーアイスクリームの作り方

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I miss Acai bowl that I ate in Hawaii, so I made this just for me. lol


Cuisinart ICE-30BC Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker

クイジナートアイスクリームメーカー ICE-30BC



400g rice milk (any other kind of milk can be substitution.)
400g banana
100g dates (doesn’t have to be dates.)
120g cashew nuts
10g coconut Oil (you can skip this)
40g acai powder


1. blend all the ingredients with a high power blender.
2. put the mixture into an ice cream maker. it normally takes 15 – 20 minutes.
3. leave the mixture in a freezer for a couple of hours.


I often use iHerb to get organic ingredients.

HP :

Use a code YOY970 to get a discount on your first purchase.
They ship internationally at low price sometimes even free 🙂




オーガニック アサイー パウダー

オーガニック ローカシューナッツ

オーガニック エキストラバージン ココナッツオイル


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Michelle C Santos says:

I'm so looking forward to make my very own vegan acai ice cream. thank you for sharing your recipe with us. may i ask though if i can replace rice milk with almond or soya milk?

Mina chely says:

Any alternative to replace the acai? And what would be the option?

Jennifer Boström says:

It looks very tasty and it probably is BUT imagine finding that in the freezer and expecting it to be a nice chocolate ice cream.. the disappointment

Wot NoobClown says:

Is there a reason why you don’t soak the raw cashew nuts? ❤️

Moussa N'gongo says:

Vaya puto personaje

White Wolf Haku says:

Ice Cream is always welcome.😋I have tasten acai two years ago in a milkshake,i didnt know that fruit and i wanted to taste it,it was yummy.😌

real country says:

이 사람 꺼는 레서피가 다 똑같음: 1) 새로 봉지를 뜯는다 2) 믹서에 넣는다 3) 믹서를 돌린다. 이 포맷으로 스푸, 케익, 아이스크림 다 만듬.

Leslie R says:

i love his smile <3

Vladimir Borislavov says:

Класс !

Ronald Bilius Weasley says:

I can fool kids with this saying that it's chocolate ice cream lol

ZactoYT // GFX & Gaming-MCPE says:

The 5:50th second made me hungry as anything

5555555lowmen says:

Well… That coconut oil is not virgin anymore

Andi Muh Mardhatillah says:

Cant handle that smile Hahahaha

Jean Samyr says:

I never see before Açai powder, here just sell the frozen pulp

sagar sompura says:

Is there any other replacement for rice milk?

El Sam says:

Açaí* porra!

윤채은 says:

1:33 what are you putting out?

chadam2010 says:

You can also roast the nuts in the oil for a more intense flavour

Gea van der Nagel says:


Rubén Nieto says:

Comentario numero 1000

YvD D says:

You have to try what you do

知足Hopes says:

How much did u invest on the ice cream machine?

Jason Lee says:

Can we please watch you eat after every video? Please please please, you’re killin me here

Angie S says:

I think I have a crush on him. 😳💕

Priteeparna Das says:

That smile 😍😍

Asif Ahamed says:

I am just watching for only sound

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