A Week of Healthy Vegan Breakfasts

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Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and there are so many ways you can start your day. These are some of my go-to breakfasts I make. Hope you find lots of inspiration in these healthy vegan breakfasts!

You find all recipe in the “Fivesec Health” app 📱 (search for it on Apple App Store) and some of them in my ebook. See links below 👇🏼

Fivesec Health app (iOS): https://apple.co/2GCRyUr
Ebook: http://bit.ly/FIVESECHEALTHEbook

Instagram (@fivesechealth): http://bit.ly/fivesechealthIG

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TheDorkyFrench says:

Yum yum yuuuumm looks delicious

Shauna Carpenter says:

Love this, more please!

Wil Yeung says:

Very cool recipe videos! Just found your channel and subscribed 👨🏻‍🍳❤️🙌🏻🎥🔪

Riya Khandelwal says:

I guess you have used the wrong word. It should be CINNAMON instead of CARDAMOM

Lisa A says:

I live for this type of videos 🤗

Sharee Walls says:

So love how you post the recipes with the video!!! Thank you

Snežana Bogoš says:

And what's about calories???

laila says:

What blender do you use?

Amanthi Abeykoon says:

Mushy food🤢

Punchbag 100 says:

What’s that thing called that toasted the bread

madelyn sullivan says:

Has anyone tried the pancakes? Were they good?

Makeup For Glasses says:

I can't even pick a favorite

Sanjana Faria says:

Oat pancakes is the best pancake. I pair it with some kind of berry. It tastes like oatmeal cookies

TheFallenAlice says:

The first one is so caloric damn

Natalia Borowa says:

who also thinks warm avo does not taste good

Akilah Davis says:

I’m sorry I just despise the taste of bananas

qwerty9* sz says:

Amazing! You just got a new subscriber 😊

Maia draconica says:

I'm really loving this presentation, it's really short and simple.

Nura Fakir says:

What kind of plant milk do you use? 😇

Amelia May says:

what kind of blender is that? <3

Cocoa's Art says:

This is the best video format
No extra talking
The recipe on one side
Video example on the other

Thank you so much

jizzyonyourtitzz says:

honestly, this was the best vegan meal recipes I've come across on youtube, most that I find are really long-winded, thank you!!

Sinead Ryan says:

What kind of toastie machine did you use for the grilled avo sandwich recipe? 😍

Robyn's Great Finds says:

Need to try the banana pancakes.

Lana van Stiphout says:

Hi! I lost it haha. For the nice cream you take 5 bananas and eat them all? I have diabetec type 1 that is a lot of insuline 😉 (type 1 so if people will comment please read the difference I can eat carbs and sugar ;-))

Veronica Watson says:

More savory options next time!

Based On Bri says:

I eat oatmeal for breakfast every. single. day.

andrea b says:

Love this style of video! So easy to watch

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