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hope that you enjoyed this new video and found some new foods that you never knew were vegan!

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– how long have you been vegan for? 2.5 years.

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ashley wicka says:

thank you so much for watching! if you want to watch the first video in this series: https://youtu.be/Hd22fIlAbXo
^theres the link! 🙂
hope u have a great day, thank u endlessly for supporting me <3

gloria walker says:

I'm SCREAMING THANK YOU!!!!! I'm making transition from fish and veg to vegan and I didn't know how HARD this was going to be . I have been searching you tube but I end up turning it off because some people don't Get To The Point ! You on the other hand Get to The Point .
You would think that a 50 something year old would know but GURL I'm Clueless 🤷. So shopping was Boring As Heck just Veg and Fruit 😕 but I came cross your video and you got right to it. Now I have a list of New and Yummy Goodness . You are my Hero 😄 . I'm subscribing to your channel and watching the videos you have now . Thank You So Much .

Chey's Channel says:

I worked at a movie theatre and the popcorn is vegan yes theres just oil and flavoured salt that goes into it. don't get the extra butter thou

Kelly Glusovich says:

Thank you so much for all your hard work. You said editing is really time consuming and I could agree. You’re doing an amazing job tho. We looove you girl

Jazzy Tyra says:

Thank you so much for this video. I have been feeling bad about eating some of these things. 😘

Melanie Gemmell says:

The sour patch kids in the uk have gelatin in them

captainbrunch says:

I just googled sour patch kids and it says they are NOT vegan 🙁

America May says:

I got so happy thin mints are vegan !!

nematoad says:

And now im thinking about weather the chocolate is fair trade, should I get fair trade bananas, is the sugar in a product vegan? You can never know, and is the "sustainable" palm oil in vegan butter really ok? This is all very annoying. Sometimes I dont worry about it but it still hurts my brain.

Bianca Reyes says:

butter flavored oil is the best thing to ever happen to me i make movie theater popcorn at home! they have a huge thing of it at costco

Hi my name's davy says:

I use to be vegetarian for 6 years I’m getting back into not eating meats or gluten

tokki_doll says:

Oreos have a super small trace of milk in them, unless you don’t mind it then it’s not technically vegan 😔✊

emma bo bemma says:

I’m pretty sure frosted pop tarts are vegan but idk

Dee Morrison says:

I just went vegan and you made this on my birthday! 😀

jessica pepper says:

vegan QUEEN love you

Edward Andrus says:

For a fast and easy muffin of quick bread for this time of year. Get a basic vegan yellow cake mix and a can of plain pumpkin puree. Add pumpkin pie spice. Mix. Fill a loaf pan or muffin tin. Bake at 350' for 25-30 minutes. Test and enjoy.

MK Marko says:

I can edit for u that what I specialize in if your interested

Claire Porter says:

i want to go vegan REALLY badly, but my mom thinks it would be really hard because my other family isn’t vegan. i’m just gonna go for it, i won’t say i’m vegan in case if i have no option but to eat animal products, but i will try my hardest. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Josiah McCarthy says:

Oreos are actually not accidentally vegan! Well, they weren't exactly trying to target vegans, but they were looking to get rid of the lard in the original recipe so that Jewish people could eat them, and they didn't go with butter or anything, they decided to make it pareve (neither meat nor dairy; neutral in kosher terminology). It was a big deal for them and they needed a lot of encouraging and coaxing from Jewish food scientists.

Jen The Goddess says:

Anybody know how accurate this information is?

Jacqueline Romero says:

Thank you for making these videos. My daughter is allergic to nuts, dairy and eggs so I’m new to all of this. But your videos have been very helpful on learning more about vegan products!

Shannabanana McInnis-Hurd says:

WHAAAAAAAAAAA? Costco pie???????? Noooooooo. Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!!! We are in Canada so will double check. Wish us luck. 🌱❤️

Miriam S says:

the pudding sets great with coconut milk! so happy to know i could make vegan pudding pies:)))

Nadia L. says:

She kind of looks like Lily Collins

Carlyell 92 says:

Thanks girl love this vid

simply yasmin says:

This makes me so happy, i'm never going back

Felicity Nyssa says:

Oreos are not vegan

Adrienne Reimer says:

Maybe this is just a me thing but voortman bakery wafers are like my favourite thing ever and they’re vegan:)

Sophia Sharp says:

My fave Oreo are red velvet oreos so good when I first watch this vedio only vegtrain which is good but now I am vegan lied to my family I said I would be vegan for 3 weeks vegan for nearly two weeks not don't miss diary just make the change if your vegtrain if you eat meat try to eat less we are all just trying to do our best you are just being u xxx sorry about spelling

poxalibia says:

Did you know that photo film isn’t vegan? :/

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