7 Easy Vegan Recipes for My Vegan Challenge / 7 Recetas Veganas

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(ACTIVAR SUBTITULOS EN ESPAÑOL) I recently issued a 5-day (or 3-day) #vegan challenge to my followers! Here are SOME recipe ideas that I’ll be incorporating during my challenge. Recipe links below!

Portobello & Sweet Potato Pot roast – http://fmck.co/1pXZwMg
Sesame butternut squash & green bean stir-fry – http://fmck.co/1WDjuGm
Soyrizo stuffed bell peppers – http://fmck.co/1Pn793r
Curry roasted cauliflower with pistachios – http://fmck.co/22zL6Qu
Tempeh power bowl – http://fmck.co/1LBNdz9
Blueberry & walnut muffins – http://fmck.co/21DTc8e
Pea Guacamole

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Flora McCray says:

This is the best video I've seen since I have decided to start practicing veganism. THE BEST! And I have watched numerous vegan recipe videos!!! So easy and there are only 3-4 ingredients in each dish! This will help me so much on this journey!!! Thank you. 😍😘

Mr. President says:

I’ve done vegan before for like 7 months ….I haven’t come across a single vegan cheese that I like lol… but there are sooooo many things in vegans diet that are similar to other diets ..

ZEEK P says:

skip to 2:50 Lifesaver

Rose Gold Heart Events says:

Thank you so much for doing this vegan video, hope you do more in the future

ABEL says:

Being more honest here, guacamole without any spicy chilli isn't real guacamole It's just Gawc :v

ABEL says:

Honestly I'm just eating vegetables because it's cheaper than meat just throwing it out there that's the only reason I'm doing this.

LaNina Wyatt says:

Scrumptious food

Caileigh Hagen says:

just found your videos looking for meal prep and I love them! Thank you for putting the time into this 🙂

melanie nicholson says:

deilya cheese is the best and even melts

racquel carter says:

Hi I wanted to know what can I sub the Mushrooms with I’m allergic to them

HapHak theTransformingOne says:

Does your app have an option for strictly plant based foods?? And a way to choose low carb and high carb , vegan meals, i would like to meal prep lunch and dinner for a week, but also need to prep high carb and low carb meals ?? thank you for your time, please let me know .

C A says:

How much water do you drink please?

Darshna Rach says:

Try adding pomegratine seeds to your pea guacamole…. also try adding tumeric to lots of your dishes for a natural health benefits


Catherine Williams says:

Your shirts are awesome!!!!!

superblooper437 says:

3:30 Cook high form 45 hours?! XD it takes 2 days to make this?!

Virginia Hoffman says:

Thank you for sharing some easy but very tasty looking dinner ideas.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Sorry but my soy products contain none of what you just said.

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