6 Smoothie Bowl Recipes | Delicious + Healthy Breakfast & Dessert | Naturally Jo

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Smoothie bowls are perfect to have as a delicious breakfast, healthy dessert or colorful snack. Made with frozen fruits to create this yummy icecream-like texture. Perfect meal to have before working out, school or work.

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✭ I’m Jose, just a 17 year old vegan teenager who loves playing with food. Hope you all liked my first video! For this one I made a compilation of my favorite smoothies I’ve shared on my Instagram page. What kind of video should I make in the future? Which recipes would you like me to share?

✭ Thank u, next (instrumental) – Edkara
✭ Sleepy Cloud – 8ROKEBOY
✭ Bagdad (Instrumental) – Rosalia
✭ Here comes a thought – Phizzy
✭ I Can’t Help – Sarcastic Sounds
✭ Human Music – C A N T I

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Erin Kinchin says:

What brand did you use for the Blue Spirulina? I only seen the Green on at the store.

Elsa Meilani says:

Gua kaga ngarti kalian pada ngomong apaan😩

Be there or be square says:



I really appreciate the Steven Universe music for the rose quartz one.

The Fun Files says:

This is awesome

Fiona Yiuma says:

this pleasantly filled up my aesthetic tummy. lol wat

mango and rose quartz 💞

let ́s practice says:

It's icecream…

ExplodingPotatoes says:

I’m only here for the music

Janice Li says:

One of the raspberry flied away 1:20

Upbeat Pup says:

I thought it was slime.. lmao

ToffeeCakes says:

1:20 *Look at the raspberries*

When the ghost is hungry too…

Livi Bea2005 says:

I wish I liked bananas

Summer Sinboon says:

Food colouring

stan stray crackhead kids says:

I thought its a slime 😂😂😂

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