6 Must-Try Vegan Desserts

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Go vegan without giving up your favorite desserts!

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Mónica .Caroça says:

Who else tried the cookies and they didn't work?

V verdant says:


J Gordy says:

Oreos are NOT vegan. They are made in a facility where milk is used for other products and there is possible contamination.

Kanittha Sowapi says:

Oreo isn't vegan

Paz Acevedo says:

Americans have the weirdest fucking ingredients


Great Video! We just released a cookbook!

Kiana says:

why is no one talking about the grooviness of the music

The Vegan Studio says:

Great recipes and video! 🥰

Jada Fuhr says:

you DID NOT just call oreos “vegan sandwich cookies” smh😂💀

Olivia Fisher says:

good lord what is this music

Heavenly Chase says:

The one little piece of Oreo left…

Michal // says:

i can imagine this music being sims 5 build mode music

A plus health life says:

This is exactly what I talk about in this video:

Hubery Lachesis says:

1 pound of almond need 1,900 gallons of water to make (that's roughly the size of a full-size swimming pool, all for just ONE pound) How about the glass of almond milk we drink every day you ask? that's equivalent to HALF of a full-size BATHTUB. I feel a lot of vegan/vegetarians don't even know about this. Choose soy or oat milk if the reason you go plant-based is to save the Earth. (obviously, I am not gonna force people to choose what to eat, just hoping people that do care would see this)

Karen Heo says:

date milk is the best 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

xyz001 says:


lunarstargazer says:

Can you add the pecans into the cookies too?

Shanzay says:

am I vegan : no
am I gonna try this : no
WHY am I here : yes

Lauren Van desteene says:

what's the song!!!!

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