5 Delicious, Healthy, Vegan Breakfast Recipes! ♡ – chanelegance

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Bianca Keynes says:

Just remember to not eat more than 2 pieces of goji berries raw, or you’d have an upset stomach. So make sure it’s properly cooked!

Random Name says:

Great video! <3 #GoVegan

The crack head you see in the gas station says:

tomorrow I shall try to go vegan for a week
okie I hope I don't fail 😀

3Evelynee says:

Mama loves superfoods!

Just. Bey says:

Yasss 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Laura Sofia says:

What is the yellow berry that you put on the chia seed pudding at 8:48?

Jane Evergreen says:

Pretty good ideas! I like the glass jars you used for smoothie, they look so beautiful

Cici says:

I am lacto so I drink no milk and no processed foods it makes me throw up 😫

Tech_ Natalie says:

Guys I have a tip for the icecream add yogurt as a sweetener

Ofelia Bergquist says:

Omg you're from Sweden, Ica raspberries and blueberries😂

Jeslyn Dias says:

can we make the ice cream with only strawberries and banana??

EJ Ben says:

I love these 5 recipes

EJ Fenton Healthy Living says:

Great recipes, thanks

Nnecibowa says:

cok guzel bu kiz yaa masallah

butterfly laa says:

Thank you for doing such a good video! I really enjoyed it and will try some of the recipes you have shown. Your very creative ty!

The Fragkenstein says:

I could see…you have a thing for bananas. :3

reality_lost says:

jesus christ this video in hd'dd o.o

Stine Andersen says:

I love your videos!😍👌🏻

Vanderson Tonus Junior says:

Thanks for the tip. loved them.

Iliana Lawrence says:

kms i just made the first smoothie bowl and i broke my vitamix.

Corl Franco says:

:Q……. looks so tasty, and the recipes too

daisy V says:

Just an idea/advice : You can blend the bananas and the rest of the fruits and put the mixture in some bowl into the fridge, in the morning leave it for 10 minutes and then eat it . it would be easier to your blender and it wont break 🙂

Pragati Pawar says:

Too much noise.. She talks a lot rather than showing recipe

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