3 VEGAN TACOS | Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Tacos | Bang Bang Fish Tacos | The Edgy Veg

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Here are 3 vegan taco ideas for you! These vegan tacos are leveled up 3 fun and delicious ways; basic vegan taco, Buffalo cauliflower wings in Taco form, and vegan Bang Bang Fish tacos! All 3 vegan tacos are the perfect vegan dinner idea for you and others, or y’know dinner for one as I do♥️

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Taco Slaw Topping: https://bit.ly/2FT45AY
Quick & Easy Vegan Tacos: https://bit.ly/2FT45AY
Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Tacos: https://bit.ly/2FT45AY
Vegan Bang Bang “Fish” Tacos: https://bit.ly/2FT45AY

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Laser Cat says:

What temperature do I bake the palm hearts in if in the oven?

Jeanette C. says:

Your Vegan bang bang fish tacos link doesn’t take me to the recipe and it’s not posted on your website.

MelindaGibbsCBS1148 says:

Hi, I'm trying to find the recipes to print off but am unable to find them via the links provided or by searching online. Have they been taken down?

Jackilyn Brown says:

Damnit. Now I want to make these all in one day 🤦🏻‍♀️😂love this video. You’re amazing

Adam & Greg SB says:

If ever there was a reason to try and find where to buy hearts of palm, this is it!!!

Jose Higuera says:

Love the color of your nails !! And the shape!

Snake 27 says:

hearts of palm seems like a really not eco friendly thing XD

Celeste Opperman says:

I really starting to love vegan foods, even though I'm not vegan and I absolutely love Mexican cuisine so thus is definitely something I'd love to try😍😍😍😍

Vlad F says:

epic fuvking nails and commentary, or whatever! lol

Gina Gabb says:

I really wanna make the bang bang tacos but can't find the recipe on your website 🙁

candyvodka says:

I hope you toasted those hard taco shells

Serena Holte says:

Level up waffles! 😋

jag519 says:

i've never heard of heart of palm until now

poetiklee vehrzed says:

The hearts of palm look like chicken tenders. Hmmmmm

Jill Schwartz says:

Yum these all look amazing! I need to make them all but that hearts of palm taco has to be my first! 🔥🌱🌮

Janie Gulick says:

These look amazingly delicious! I want them all right now and it’s 5 AM

Nathalie Anne says:

The link to the recipes is not the right ones

Angela Moon says:

Your hair cut really suits your face!! So prettt

Make It Dairy Free says:

Love your dress. What are you using as the egg replacer for the last tacos?

TheCotzi says:

love your hair

Andrea Tapp says:

I wanted to know the levels beforehand……………..

Lacey Houghton says:

Gal you look so good with bangs!

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