3 Vegan Pasta Salad Recipes That Don't Suck

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Today I’m sharing 3 vegan pasta salad recipes that are fun, tasty, and easy! All full recipes + measurements are linked below 🙂

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• Mediterranean Pasta Salad: https://frommybowl.com/mediterranean-pasta-salad/

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Zette says:

Mediterranean salad looks awesome!!

Danielle Marshall Eenkhoorn says:

Absolutely delish……. I can't wait to try them. They look so so so good. Thanks for being so creative . xoxo

Flattlander Montgomery says:

Pasta is dangerous for me, because I can't stop eating it! These look delicious.

Поиск Сокровищ says:

Люблю веганские салаты , на днях нашел рецепт на triptok.ru с корицей, очень понравилось. Попробуйте тоже

Isabelle Ortiz says:

Tried the Mexican Pasta Salad with my girlfriend and it WAS SO F*****G GOOD! This will be a staple in our home now 🙂 Thanks Caitlin!

jfran jan12 says:

You are completely glowing! You look so happy and healthy.

Brenda Lopez says:

I made the buffalo cauliflower pasta… It was great, better the second time around. I squeezed half of a large lemon instead of water in the buffalo sauce and tahini; and, I did not have any cauliflower so I left that out. It was the bomb!

Liz Velatini says:

I love pastas 💕

Hayde nada says:

The dressing for the tex-mex salad reminds me of our esquites. We mix mayo, lemon, chilli powder, grated cheese (some use sour cream) and corn, one of the most common food street at night in Mexico

Jolene Wright says:

WOW these look so yummy!! Definitely trying them! 😍🌿

Kumquat Kayla says:

The Mexican one looks sooooo good😋

The Tears of Jungkook says:

I’m not even vegan but these look so good

Verunka Kostrouchova says:

I love pasta salads! I usually use chickpea pasta to up the protein level and also because I just love it 😄❤️

Ali Zamani says:

Hey guys

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kathleen swenning says:

They looked delicious! all of them!!!!!! Great job!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Kayci Backer says:

Okay seriously these all look SO FUCKING GOOD! I am gonna make the buffalo cauliflower one next week for sure.

RainbowPlantLife says:

“Texture level to the next level” made me laugh

Sylvie Chatillon says:


Hayde nada says:

Great ideas!!, I'm making the buffalo pasta salad, I was running out of ideas now that I have to cook mlst of my food. Tnks

Talon Kroll says:

These all look amazing!!!

Julianne-Marie Hackler says:

I would love to see vegan versions of Filipino food! Nilaga, Filipino adobo, pancit, lumpia, are all super popular but I’ve never seen someone do vegan versions

María Pérez says:

Now I'm hungry.

Sarah Cavazos says:

Hi Caitlin, I'm constantly buying lentils because I hear so many people say you can incorporate them in so many recipes but I get stuck trying to figure out how to use it with my meals, could you do recipes with lentils in different ways?

jscarnero says:

I made the mexican one today! My dad and by really liked it 👍 thanks!

Brianna says:

Just saying, I love your videos! Every recipe I've tried has been amazing.. can't wait to try one of these pasta salads out!!

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