10 VEGAN FOOD LIFE HACKS! | Supreme Banana

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Today’s life hacks include eliminating the struggle of peeling potatoes, cutting kiwis, making bananas extra sweet, making ice cream sandwiches, vegan chocolate and MORE! No, I do not recommend eating ice cream and smore’s every day but for a treat from time to time it’s SOO GOOOOD.

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Angela Burbank says:

you look FRIGGIN' AMAZING! Love the way you look in this video! a splutely perfect and beautiful

none name says:

what brand of vegan smores was that??????????????

techytrekki says:

You’re like Jeannette Mccurdy and Margot Robbie had a kid

cashapp juztchillin says:

You look SO pretty (your hair!!!!!) Also I see 0 eye bags soooooo…..

000tash000 says:

Lady leshurrrrr!!

ava camille says:

My hack is condensed almond milk (or any other vegan condensed milk) and cacao powder for vegan nutella

Brittany says:

Yay you finally got a microwave

ٍِSamdroid the AI says:

My best life hack

Don't have a life and I think i am not the only one

Carissa Connell says:


Bella Milan says:

Nice video!! Subbed if you want to sub back 🙂

Bunny Marie says:

When I watch your videos, Kentucky Fried Cruelty insists on airing their murder food commercials in French.

lightdark00 says:

That rap beginning was awful 🤢😷

Aria Frost says:

You​ are brilliant @supremebanana!

inhumane. says:

I love to mash bananas in my oats and cook them, not only does it taste so lovely and sweet but it also smells kind of buttery? Yumm.

Paige G says:

She reminds me of BananaJamama (I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong) Nicole Skyes, and Grav3yardgirl

Gijsje D says:


Bria Bostelle says:

Omg I love lady leshurr and love you even more for knowing her. !! Haha ❤️

Alexis Veal says:

i LOVE this<3

Clarisa Guzman says:

this a great video, thank-you!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky Cole says:

Do u have to use coconut sugar for the fudge

Becky Cole says:

I'm vegetarian my goal is to go vegan by my birthday 😂💞❤️😂

Jaey Pollard says:

lady leshurr I love her!!!

DragonFace says:

WHY WOULD YOU MAKE THEM SHORTER 😞 and talk more please love hearing you talk thats why I watch

Aaron Mac says:

Lady Leshurr!!!!! 😍😍😍❤

E m i l y says:

I'm not vegan (yet) but I still watch these just to be healthy

McKenzie Rae says:

Thanks for the pancake idea!

Rosie Kirk says:

I love how long your videos are! Maybe just me but I like how you go off course sometimes. makes me feel like you're actually having a conversation with us rather than scripted

Monique Warren says:

girl please act like you know but you just walk the prank so oh and one time go love yourself because my momma don't like you but she likes everyone and I never liked you meant that I was wrong

Monique Warren says:

you were too slow maybe try going faster sometimes okay you just walk the prank

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