1 Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream | Questions for Karlie 3 | Karlie Kloss

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a movie by Karlie Kloss
produced by Casey Neistat | edit by Tim Kellner
associate producers Annalora von Pentz + Ruby Honerkamp

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Kanita Mankan says:

I really miss this kind of videos. I don’t know if it’s about editing, but this is so much better than most of your 2019 videos

Ad Greenwood says:

Nobody quite clicked on when 🤔 Atlanta told I that working in a sex shop 😏 alright nice, for some reason that the only girls I have ever got along with, was funny had to do a job thing a couple of years back was funny people keep on planing in I am better then you type game notice the game from the first 48 hours was there and thought I am not 🕺💃 pro boneo as soon as anyone says anything sixth sense known as intuition or a wise madam once thought and I’m tell you Adam, spoke of getting into do ✌🏻cleaning work✌🏻 at a mansion on sight 🤔 spouse I could but ether way that would probably involve have to have a mixed tag partner 🤦‍♂️ then all of a sudden “✌🏻Christina Aguilera✌🏻 that just let yourself go” had been around for a while and living in Queensland sort of became a Greg Chappell of I own Generation for a few years by that time and the “✌🏻Christine Aguilera that just let yourself go✌🏻 couldn’t quite except that a can of beer and or a point of methamphetamines ain’t Adam Greenwood’s style the girls in 👁👈🏻 since about 1993 have all been classy ladies thought thy be a good idea but there was standoffish ideals towards Adam doing that as they knew that don’t work for free, and won’t pay

Rahmat Maulana says:

Please Come to Victoria secret

Mark Dupont says:

You Are An Inspiration And An Awesome Human Being! Love You!

kim hye soo johnson says:

Talk about clickbait -_-

Yasodha Rai says:

great karlie😊

Kaye P says:

Come back old karlie 😔

Mikkey Dailly says:

“while i wait on the bananas to freeze” they’re still on the table lol

i want her midnights says:

i love her hair like that omg

potato pen says:

I'm kinda obssesed with karlie

Chiara Petrachi says:

I love banana ice cream. Sometimes fresh strawberries are great with it.

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