1 Easy Trick to Make 4 Conveniently Vegan Desserts more Aquafabulous! | DIY Recipes by So Yummy

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Try some of our delicious (and vegan) recipes! If you’re not in the mood for something vegan, we also show you some delightful fair food like funnel cakes!

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1 Easy Trick to Make 4 Conveniently Vegan Desserts more Aquafabulous! | DIY Recipes by So Yummy


Bear Birch says:

Whipped cream is not veagan

Sabrina Florey says:

But… chocolate has milk in it. That was certainly milk chocolate.

hadamira favela says:


Papo de mamãe says:

Fazer para essas coisas em casa

10 Minute Bakes says:

Great video! I never make them tho lol

muhammad aakif says:

0:55 who want to eat this yummy cake🍰🍰😋

sevvalin. oyun. dunyası kawai says:

Wow perfect candy pls my candy

loml mad says:

You guys should open restaurant !!!

Marileide Soares says:

Perfect ✨

Jim says:

Me: Hey, I've see seen this one!
So yummy: What do you mean you've seen it? Its brand new!

Seher Mian says:

You do realize that your "whipped topping" contains dairy right

Saba Ara says:

0:18 i guess it's more like chik pea chocolate mousse

Top Yummy Español says:

I finally found you after so long, I watched your videos once time, I had to make a new account and couldn't find you. I'm so happy now

Tasty Plus US says:

These look extra yummy. Good thing I'm eating right now! Then again, I started halfway through your video 😜 😜

Tasty Cookies says:

All cake are so yummy!!!!🍪

Tasty Cakes says:

All cake are so yummy!!!!🍪

theultimate OOF says:

0:00 Bye eggs or BUY eggs? cuz u might need to BUY eggs to do this??? idk

Ramesh Irainavar says:

In this video I just liked the song and nothing

Usa Streets says:


Blue says:

everyone who reads this comment, just note that most of these are fake and the employees don't care if the recipes work or not, they just want views.

S.A. Narender says:

More Halloween food pls

Animation libary says:

Hmmm chickpea water

Extreme Cake says:

Love your cooking skills keep it up 😍 😍

Gerry Murillo says:

You know your puns are not funny

Lee Meh says:

“Vegan deserts” proceeds to add chocolate and butter

St James Bowman says:

For doing misleading

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