♡ Mexican Fiesta!! Salsa, Guacamole and Vegan Enchiladas!♡

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Iram Amir says:

OMG NIKKI! Do come to Singapore again!!

Melanie says:

Did anybody's video play the ending again?

Royal Beauty says:

NikkiPhillippi, you seem like a good Christian, but makeup is bad. Jesus does not like us putting on fake things like makeup, jewelry, fake eyelashes (from satans armpit), and fake nails (a way for satan for monitor you) Just tring to help. God bless you. Goodbye. (reply to this comment if you have any questions)

Susana Pedroza says:

By the way mexicans don't ever make vegetable enchiladas. They are chicken..red or green. Chipotle is a disgrace if they call it mexican…gross!!!

Susana Pedroza says:

We have several different salsa….you can roast the chiles and tomatoes…wrap them in aluminum over the fire or how ever u want onion garlic salt cilantro. Different chiles gives u different heat anf taste. Guacamole….whi tbe heck o ut coriander???? Not mexicans and this is a mexican dish keep its originality. ..we chop tomatoes, onions, chile serrano, cilantro…washed, salt, some pepper, lots of lemon, and ofcoarse avocados.

Susana Pedroza says:

That is not mexican food whatsoever. People are saying that she never claimed to be a chef…ok I'm nkt a chef either but if I'm going to make italian food I am going to research it to its au thentisity. I am mexican and that is not mexican food. What that is and I'm sure my fellow mexicans can agree is a version of what people think you can substitute for original ingridients and it will taste great but it doesn't even come close.

KristenxBabe says:

Your mother inlaw? You look so young! 🙂

Xenia Ortiz says:

Chipotle isn't really Mexican food!! Lol

Anysabel SR says:

You can also add tomatoe and onion to de guacamole, it taste really good.. im mexican:)

Kaylee H. says:

Lol. I'm gonna go ahead and chop all of these tomatoes

Sam C says:

OMFG can i just say how annoying it is when people say "thats not traditional ______". CLEARLY. she never claimed it to be. i dont know if its that people on here feel the need to prove their authenticity or what it is. Americans sure as hell dont think that mexican food is the chipotle menu its our take on mexican food. we americanize everything, we are all well aware its not the authentic recipes or dishes its our take on it, that simple. Okay thats all I had to say. good video though ! 🙂

Chrizzi Romo says:

el guacamole es solo aguacate con sal y le puedes agregar cilantro si quieres, pero lo que tu dices que es guacamole se llama salsa pico de gallo 😀

superhappy1664 says:

did no one hear her say she is not a chef dont get mad if shesnot doing things right even if i wanted to make real mexican food on the budget i have it would be my whole budget u have to make stuff the best u can

Yadira Caballero says:

umm I have to say something, people in the United States think that the music you put at the begining of ur video is kind of "mexican music" that is sooo FALSE. Im mexican and belive me, that music is not even close of our REAL music. Im sorry, but u guys have lived a stereotype ur whole life!

Makeup Artistry Club says:

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Antonio M. González says:

WAIT! WAIT! WAAAIIIIT!!! wait a minute. DO you really called that GUACAMOLE!!?? Where is the onion, chile serrano and Tomato?? 8( I know you made salsa before but authentic Mexican Guacamole is all ingredients shopped instead blended!! Oh girl, you really need to go back to talk to your mom or whom taught you to do smash guacamole appetizer. Peace! 🙂

Antonio M. González says:

Great video, thank you for doing this for other people but I do really agree with your friend. You talk to fast and need to slow down if you want a better presentation for your video. Q: Why would you get sick with the jalapeños seeds? When you said it may sounded scary for viewers. Maybe you can give a little bit of more info about that. And highlight that, that is just a personal allergic reaction and that the seeds do not cause harm if you are not allergic to chile's seeds. 😉

Heartburn1220 says:

you are funny and cute and I am so going to make these enchiladas…yum… muy bueno!

delisha m. says:

So… VEGAN cheese?

chris b says:

Cooking fresh is the way to go.

Emily Rodrii says:

First of all you have to wash the cilantro sweetie.

Beth Jay says:

This is the only time I have ever sat through an entire YouTube advert because it was an advert of you! 🙂

Regina Sanch says:

nope, inform yourself.

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